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Thread for puzzle South Africa. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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go to the startposition ....and then it's easy

drwatson's comment after solving the puzzle, 35 months ago.

This puzzle is a bit complex, but once you think about it a bit, it falls together quite nicely.

jli246, 35 months ago.

Not as challenging as it looks! Through selection, iteration, and function calls, you put together a creative and nicely designed puzzle.

mjdc, 35 months ago.

Pretty challenging. Not straightforward unlike some of the other puzzles. Overall good job.

npate314, 35 months ago.

This puzzle is pretty challenging because of the gap between the stars. Furthermore, the use of different colored tiles forces you to use if-statements, function calls, and loops.

jwu210, 35 months ago.

Creative build, really simple solution. Uses different concepts rather well. 10/10

- Osama

ggarci54, 35 months ago.

I really like your puzzle it is very clever and creative. This puzzle looks pretty complex but overall it is a very good puzzle and not to complex when a little thought is put into it. Very good job!
- Neel Patel

vvzjnp, 35 months ago.

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