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Puzzle 1297: Parity Backlash

Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do.

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Author: axorion
Date posted: 9/14/2009 11:28:20 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 3.09 (11 votes)
Popularity: 11 (11 liked, 0 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 22


Solved by 19 players

_nick (13)axorion (13)azure (13)davenger (13)edsaw (13)
goulagman (13)hilbert (13)keba (13)markbyers (13)pulver (13)
qinn (13)r0r0 (13)scorpio (13)shaggy12 (13)smylic (13)
sticky (13)tau_wedel (13)RCStef (14)Softa (14)

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