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Puzzle 1830: Bel Air

Now, this is the story all about how

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Author: skull5001
Date posted: 4/1/2010 4:11:05 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.35 (23 votes)
Popularity: -6 (9 liked, 15 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 54


Solved by 44 players

arkangelsk1 (9)azure (9)davenger (9)dorian_gray (9)milusheva (9)
scorpio (9)sticky (9)axorion (10)polyvjk (10)_nick (12)
danieljames (12)edsaw (12)fiver (12)goten4 (12)jaex (12)
jholm (12)msmanasse (12)padre (12)paulo87 (12)pulver (12)
amikax (13)kraker (13)theboomroasted (13)tomtom (13)h2o2 (14)
zlejrob (14)lendesg (15)notofroto (15)ryee (15)anton_s (16)
bredwards (16)d0td0td0t (16)datta (16)estone (16)jd3893 (16)
jfm11 (16)joro73 (16)keith (16)masterluk (16)pento (16)
skull5001 (16)the_gza (16)antonbootsma (17)caro (17)

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