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Puzzle 2119: GCD

Turn after greatest common divisor of distances to first and to second red tiles

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Author: smylic
Date posted: 7/7/2010 10:32:43 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 2.50 (8 votes)
Popularity: 3 (4 liked, 1 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 32


Solved by 18 players

azure (14)dorian_gray (15)axorion (16)edsaw (16)ihvaquestion (16)
qinn (16)scorpio (16)smylic (16)ceecee (19)shaggy12 (19)
davenger (20)keba (20)petaflop (21)softa (23)_nick (24)
kraker (24)msmanasse (24)cowans (30)

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