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Puzzle 2370: My First Puzzle

Hope you like it

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Author: cad12345
Date posted: 10/21/2010 4:55:33 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.43 (23 votes)
Popularity: -6 (6 liked, 12 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 133


Solved by 59 players

arkangelsk1 (4)atilexd (4)azure (4)bofh (4)cad12345 (4)
caro (4)davenger (4)dorian_gray (4)edsaw (4)elhadji (4)
goulagman (4)h2o2 (4)iasatish (4)jaex (4)jnpollack (4)
karthik8s (4)keba (4)kevingelston (4)keyon (4)khari (4)
kragx (4)krishna (4)leandrojf (4)macorhalosw (4)mister_x330 (4)
mnijoe (4)msmanasse (4)padre (4)pento (4)polyvjk (4)
qinn (4)r0r0 (4)robozziekid (4)ryee (4)samoabob (4)
sarasouju (4)scorpio (4)shaggy12 (4)sheenu (4)sheik_08 (4)
smylic (4)speeded (4)tabascq (4)timi (4)tiyo (4)
yannick_ruault (4)yannickruault (4)amikax (6)axorion (6)baddak745 (6)
benjaminRR (6)hilbert (6)joselobalderas (6)mahlok (6)tomtom (6)
vincent (6)anton_s (7)zlejrob (8)yuvalko (10)

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