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Puzzle 2458: Once or Twice

Looks more difficult than it is. Just use a bit of logic.

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Author: axorion
Date posted: 11/6/2010 10:15:04 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 3.00 (22 votes)
Popularity: 24 (24 liked, 0 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 77


Solved by 50 players

_nick (14)000gjf (14)0cache (14)amikax (14)axorion (14)
azure (14)benjaminrr (14)beseech (14)ceecee (14)cowans (14)
dannythorne (14)davenger (14)dondiego2000 (14)dorian_gray (14)drake7890 (14)
drmazhar (14)edsaw (14)eversyt (14)facelesz (14)garfke (14)
Genne (14)gercho (14)goulagman (14)hilbert (14)jaex (14)
jnpollack (14)kakuoh (14)keba (14)keyon (14)kraker (14)
levantine (14)lippij (14)mccawj (14)mrpingouin1 (14)msmanasse (14)
nico_p (14)padre (14)paulo87 (14)pento (14)pulver (14)
qinn (14)RCStef (14)scorpio (14)shaggy12 (14)smylic (14)
softa (14)sticky (14)tallyan (14)tomtom (14)Trango (14)

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