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Puzzle 383: Pitfall

Don't fall through!

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Author: delisoccer
Date posted: 4/27/2009 1:52:27 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 3.00 (26 votes)
Popularity: 5 (12 liked, 7 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 71


Solved by 50 players

_nick (5)axelbrz (5)azure (5)benjaminRR (5)brubru (5)
cowans (5)davenger (5)dorian_gray (5)ebusiness (5)edsaw (5)
evgeniy_pol (5)garfke (5)gercho (5)goulagman (5)jkebertz (5)
jnpollack (5)kakuoh (5)keba (5)krmularc (5)life96 (5)
markbyers (5)mas_hojer (5)mohre (5)padre (5)pasta (5)
qinn (5)r0r0 (5)recursive (5)riske (5)rois (5)
sarasouju (5)sashaz (5)scorpio (5)shaggy12 (5)smylic (5)
snydej (5)softa (5)tau_wedel (5)vincent (5)zerosnake0 (5)
tabascq (6)tomtom (6)petaflop (7)yannick_ruault (7)yannickruault (7)
zlejrob (7)delisoccer (8)elhadji (8)samoabob (8)timepass (8)

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