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Puzzle 713: Return after two

An interesting pattern I discovered while trying to solve an other puzzle

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Author: twburn
Date posted: 6/8/2009 9:16:04 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 3.47 (15 votes)
Popularity: -5 (4 liked, 9 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 37


Solved by 32 players

_nick (6)axelbrz (6)azure (6)cowans (6)davenger (6)
dorian_gray (6)edsaw (6)garfke (6)gercho (6)jnpollack (6)
kakuoh (6)keba (6)krmularc (6)padre (6)qinn (6)
riske (6)samoabob (6)sarasouju (6)scorpio (6)shaggy12 (6)
smylic (6)snydej (6)tau_wedel (6)tomtom (6)twburn (6)
vincent (6)zerosnake0 (6)zinthos (6)zlejrob (8)goulagman (9)
markbyers (9)thenick22 (9)

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