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Puzzle 7220: The grass is always greener...

You may need some paint!

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Author: cocopino
Date posted: 5/11/2015 6:34:29 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 2.00 (16 votes)
Popularity: 8 (10 liked, 2 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 63


Solved by 38 players

dorian_gray (7)edsaw (7)eversyt (7)jnpollack (7)padre (7)
scorpio (7)shaggy12 (7)smylic (7)1234alberto (8)cowans (8)
DrWatson (8)goetz (8)martosss (9)arkangelsk1 (12)kowka_z (12)
milusheva (12)softa (12)RCStef (13)zlejrob (13)ana_stemmer (14)
angrevol (14)antonbootsma (14)beseech (14)ceecee (14)edbull (14)
gspit (14)hilbert (14)kraker (14)Selezenka (14)sztivi (14)
thevoiid (14)Wido (14)drmazhar (15)pento (15)yannick_ruault (15)
belenus (16)cocopino (16)Archimed (17)

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