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Puzzle 804: Grenade

big BOOM!

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Author: sillymystery
Date posted: 6/19/2009 12:31:23 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.20 (25 votes)
Popularity: -5 (11 liked, 16 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 99


Solved by 60 players

_nick (3)0cache (3)alacera (3)antonbootsma (3)aulis (3)
axelbrz (3)azure (3)baddak745 (3)beaza (3)boonker (3)
chrono (3)cybermg (3)davenger (3)delhi6 (3)dorian_gray (3)
dumbass (3)edsaw (3)elhadji (3)fartan (3)hisxlnc (3)
hocke (3)hsingh (3)igor (3)igoro (3)jaex (3)
kevin (3)kyle2009 (3)lendesg (3)markbyers (3)mheiberg (3)
milusheva (3)ngen (3)nima_ (3)padre (3)r0r0 (3)
rafaelromao (3)rilo (3)riske (3)robozziekid (3)rygarb (3)
samoabob (3)sarasouju (3)scorpio (3)shailesh (3)sillymystery (3)
snydej (3)soy89 (3)speeded (3)sticky (3)tc1954 (3)
timepass (3)timotheeee (3)unlegendless (3)vadimcha (3)werwolf (3)
xodusprime (3)yannick_ruault (3)yannickruault (3)zerosnake0 (3)zlejrob (3)

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