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Puzzle 8500: Can you solve it?

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Author: vesko465
Date posted: 12/31/2015 9:23:03 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.65 (17 votes)
Popularity: 5 (8 liked, 3 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 130


Solved by 55 players

dorian_gray (14)edsaw (14)eversyt (14)jnpollack (14)keba (14)
p1xm0x (14)scorpio (14)shaggy12 (14)smylic (14)alfone (15)
softa (15)milusheva (16)pento (16)vitalstatistic (16)xavierdarmon2 (16)
cowans (17)goetz (17)goulagman (17)hilbert (17)jhnesk (17)
kowka_z (17)kraker (17)scifista42 (17)1234alberto (18)axorion (18)
beseech (18)ceecee (18)Fifiasokon (18)Sirusc (18)tiyo (18)
000gjf (19)android (19)arkangelsk1 (19)namayake (19)padre (19)
antonbootsma (20)DrWatson (20)edbull (20)timthree (20)sztivi (21)
Angrevol (22)DrMazhar (22)welldotru (22)mmmzzz (23)y_alizadeh (23)
1234angela (24)atzame (24)gspit (24)moul (24)ostruck2 (24)
RCStef (24)tadano (24)vesko465 (24)belenus (25)dougheim (25)

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