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Puzzle 8869: Everlastingly....simple?

Don't leave any spaces blank

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Author: fespHMSI
Date posted: 11/16/2016 5:05:29 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.67 (15 votes)
Popularity: 4 (5 liked, 1 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 60


Solved by 48 players

antonbootsma (5)arkangelsk1 (5)atzame (5)axorion (5)belenus (5)
brubru (5)ceecee (5)cowans (5)Davoust (5)drwatson (5)
edsaw (5)eversyt (5)eyTns (5)fespHMSI (5)goetz (5)
goulagman (5)hades (5)hero (5)jhnesk (5)jnpollack (5)
kowka_z (5)kraker (5)kserikba (5)milusheva (5)namayake (5)
Nanaki404 (5)P1xm0x (5)padre (5)pento (5)rahul9493 (5)
RCStef (5)scifista42 (5)scorpio (5)Selezenka (5)Sirusc (5)
smelcc (5)softa (5)tiyo (5)tuchkov_ivan (5)welldotru (5)
xavierdarmon7 (5)zlejrob (5)beseech (6)dougheim (6)angrevol (7)
Fifiasokon (7)kirtapgeno (7)vrajsam100 (7)

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