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Puzzle 9004: Forked Lightning

utilizing call functions and loops, travel through the lightning arcs.

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Author: ablv
Date posted: 11/22/2016 11:11:53 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 1.88 (8 votes)
Popularity: -1 (1 liked, 2 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 43


Solved by 25 players

jnpollack (13)scorpio (13)cowans (15)edsaw (15)eversyt (15)
RCStef (15)softa (15)beseech (16)ceecee (16)arkangelsk1 (17)
dougheim (17)drwatson (17)goulagman (17)padre (17)pento (17)
scifista42 (17)xavierdarmon7 (17)goetz (18)tadano (18)belenus (19)
Davoust (19)DrMazhar (19)kraker (19)ablv (20)axorion (20)

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