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Puzzle 905: Efficiency

What do you do when there _is_ no pattern?

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Author: matchu
Date posted: 6/26/2009 3:06:18 PM
Difficulty (1..5): 2.63 (38 votes)
Popularity: 15 (22 liked, 7 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 118


Solved by 70 players

keba (22)markbyers (22)scorpio (22)smylic (22)dorian_gray (23)
eversyt (23)msmanasse (23)gercho (24)_nick (25)arkangelsk1 (25)
beaza (25)snydej (25)cowans (26)cytse (26)ebusiness (26)
hilbert (26)kakuoh (26)krmularc (26)luke23 (26)mahlok (26)
mheiberg (26)sticky (26)termos (26)unlegendless (26)0cache (27)
agamnentzar (27)beejay (27)davenger (27)Drunken_Poet (27)ibuprofens (27)
joselobalderas (27)nima_ (27)padre (27)pento (27)countdown_0 (28)
jkebertz (28)littlefishie (28)softa (28)tabascq (28)vincent (28)
ajp02001 (29)azure (29)belenus (29)corybear (29)dvorjakque (29)
edsaw (29)fiver (29)head_eom (29)igoro (29)jakej (29)
jholm (29)keith (29)keyon (29)kraker (29)matchu (29)
milusheva (29)pablo_aguilar (29)pulver (29)qinn (29)r0r0 (29)
RCStef (29)riske (29)shaggy12 (29)tomtom (29)axelbrz (30)
axorion (30)Deewiant (30)fartan (30)goulagman (30)samoabob (30)

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